The typical office building or commercial property experiences a lot of people walking back and forth. This traffic leads to an accumulation of dirt and debris in the carpeting. Thoroughly cleaning the carpeting of a building is key to getting rid of all the grime and maintaining the appearance of the carpeting. Cleaning commercial carpeting is not too different from cleaning residential carpeting. With a few tips, as well as work done by a professional cleaning service, you can keep your building’s carpeting beautiful and tidy. 

How often should commercial carpeting be cleaned?

You can limit the amount of times commercial carpeting needs to be deep-cleaned by vacuuming and spot-cleaning daily. However, deep-cleaning is still necessary. Commercial carpeting should be deep-cleaned at least twice a year, though buildings with especially high traffic should have carpeting cleaned closer to twice a month.

What are the best professional methods of carpet cleaning?

Professional cleaners have several different methods for efficiently cleaning carpeting. One common method is dry cleaning, which is accomplished with a solution that breaks down dirt and forms crystallization to be vacuumed afterwards. Experts usually vacuum first and then dry clean to take care of the deeper soiling.

Another method professionals use to clean carpeting is called hot water extraction. Most consider this the best method to clean commercial carpeting because it is very thorough. Hot water extraction is accomplished by heating water and then injecting it into the carpeting, which helps to eliminate soiling. This process is performed by a hot water extraction machine used specifically for carpet cleaning. The next step is to suck up the mixture of dirt and water with a powerful suction machine. The carpets will dry quickly thereafter, and be left looking fresh and clean.

How can you spot-clean carpeting?

Spot-cleaning involves tackling dirty spots as they become soiled. This method minimizes staining by not allowing enough time for the mess to soak or sink into the carpeting. Many experts suggest cleaning solutions with vinegar for spot-cleaning. For example, animal urine is best handled with a mix of baking soda and vinegar, while new stains or mud stains are best cleaned with a water and vinegar solution. Spot-cleaning is best accomplished by scrubbing the spot with whatever recommended solution and a wet cloth or towel until the stain is lifted.

What is the best regular routine for maintaining commercial carpeting?

The best way to regularly maintain commercial carpeting is consistent cleaning. Vacuuming and spot-cleaning should occur daily, and professional cleaners should perform their services at a minimum of twice yearly. Additionally, carpeting should not be the only part of the office being cleaned. If floors are unswept and furniture undusted, the accumulating dirt and dust will carry over to the carpeting, and it will not stay clean after maintenance.

Why choose a professional cleaning service for commercial carpeting cleaning?

A professional cleaning service is more likely to have all the equipment needed to keep commercial carpeting thoroughly maintained. Additionally, a professional cleaning service will have the necessary experience to provide reliable, long-lasting cleaning services for all aspects of commercial cleaning. If you are looking for a commercial cleaning service on the eastern Florida coast, look no further than Dirty Deeds. We take pride in our professional and thorough cleaning services. To schedule, click here or call 772-236-3196.

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