Building Maintenance Cleaning in river park, fl

We keep your facility clean
Without interrupting operations

building maintenance cleaning

Building Maintenance Cleaning in river park, fl

A clean facility
increases safety and improves productivity

You want your property investment maintained and looking its best.  To have that you need a cleaner you can trust.  The problem is many cleaners cut corners, lack experience, and don’t care about quality.  That’s frustrating!

Which cleaning program works for you?

At Dirty Deeds Cleaning, we provide experienced professional maintenance cleaning programs from weekly, monthly, quarterly, to annually. With over 25 years of experience and more than 20,000 projects cleaned, our team provides an over-the-top experience so you can have peace of mind knowing your investment is completely taken care of and always looks its best.





Maintenance in river park, fl

Cleaning Services

At Dirty Deeds we focus on construction and commercial cleaning.  Our team is trained and experienced to handle these environments.  We are fully licensed and insured for your safety and peace of mind.  We clean construction sites, spec homes, model homes, commercial sites, offices, and warehouses.

Free Sample Cleaning

(Up to 250 SF)

We are confident you will love our work, and we want a chance to prove it. Mention this ad and get a free sample cleaning of up to 250 square feet.

First-time customers only. Limited time offer.

Refer A Friend Receive a 10% Reward

Do you know someone who could benefit from our service? Refer a friend to us and we will give you a 10% referral reward that you can use on your next cleaning.

First-time customers only. Limited time offer.
Dirty Deeds Cleaning Services

Absentee Property Management in river park, fl

Scheduled Maintenance Cleaning

We offer scheduled maintenance programs weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Whether it’s window cleaning, deep cleaning, exterior maintenance cleaning, pressure cleaning, absentee property management, checking the home for leaks, water damage, break-ins, and/or other damage, installing hurricane shutters in the event of a possible storm, removing hurricane shutters after a storm, etc. Let us maintain your investment.

Exterior Cleaning in river park, fl

Pressure Washing

No job too big or small! We have all the right machines, disks, sprayers, hoses, extension poles and chemicals needed. Your home, office, or investment property in Jupiter, FL will look new again when our pressure cleaning crew gets done. We will focus on the following areas:


Soffits, Gutters, Fascia

Removing stains, bugs, cobwebs, and buildup of mildew.

Driveway, walkways, garage, porches

Remove the black algae mildew and discoloration, transforming it back to its original coloring. We are experienced in cleaning all types of driveways.

Pool / Screen enclosures and pool decking

We will remove all items from the area and put it back after completion. Our crew takes special care to not get debris in the pool.
Peressure Washing
Window cleaning

Maintenance Cleaning in river park, fl

Window Cleaning

When done on a regular basis, your windows will always be clean and you will love looking through them. We clean windows inside and out, the glass, the frames, the tracks – we clean it all. We remove debris, paint, stucco, drywall, dirt, salt, calcium buildup, sprinkler residue, etc. We take caution and have experience in not scratching the glass. All staff are well trained and experienced with knowledge of the best cleaning products and equipment to use to not damage anything in the windows finishes. We can clean any size window in your home having all equipment needed to complete the job.

Commercial Cleaning in river park, fl

Building Maintenance Cleaning

Offices, public buildings, and commercial spaces have many people pass through them on a daily basis, which means they get dirty. With so many employees, customers, and visitors passing through, it is important for the building to be cleaned and well maintained.

A clean office or building provides a safe and comfortable environment for employees and visitors and helps make a better impression of your company. We are trained and experienced in commercial cleaning so you don’t have to worry about property being damaged or broken.

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